Toleza Farm, Malawi

Bike to School

Chimbera School had achieved a high quality of education and provides one of the best opportunities for students wishing to go on to tertiary education. Accordingly, we are especially anxious that those that have to travel from far for this opportunity should receive a programme to assist them to get to school.

This programme is currently being piloted at Chimbera School where 10 bikes have been loaned to students through the farm for their exclusive use during term time.

The students were selected on the basis of their potential to move on to university by a combination of criteria; academic effort, financial circumstances, distance that they live from school. Some children live 15km + from the school but are anxious to attend this particular school as it provides the best opportunity to standard. Already, after a couple of terms, the headmaster has noted an improvement in the grades of these pupils.

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  • Bicycle to School