Toleza Farm, Malawi


Toleza Honey is produced on the Toleza estate in hives made on the farm from local Maligna wood. Our Honey is carefully harvested by beekeepers and packaged on site in a specially designed honey processing unit. Noting is added to the honey during harvest or packaging. It's totally natural just as nature intended!

Toleza also sources honey from local farmers through small outreach programmes; here interested parties are encouraged to take a Toleza hive and then sell back their honey to Toleza. Farmers can diversify their income and share in the benefits of scale provided by Toleza in the bottling, marketing and distribution of the honey.

In 2011 the honey passed inspection from Malawi Bureau of Standards and is now sold in a number of retail outlets across Malawi in 300 and 550g bottles.

Contact us for more details on our Honey making programmes.